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23.07.2006, 21:25
I want to make a small pj with 3,5" and xenon. But the problem is the powersupply, it has to be able to give 12A (12V) and I dont want to use a big atx psu (no barebone psu's either). What are your suggestions?

23.07.2006, 21:41
hmmm should ask "lumiluxer"

i think he has a small PSU (not a PC PSU)
maybe he could give u some more information ...

23.07.2006, 21:51
Thanks for the tip :)
I've sent him a pm

23.07.2006, 22:54
Hi E-lektron

I use the SNT MW60-15 from www.reichelt.de for roundabout 23 Euro.
There is a Adjustable Poti outside nearby the Connectors, adjust it down at 13,5 Volt.
This is the Common Voltage in a Car.
You can use the SNT MW60-12 too,adjust it up at 13,5 Volt.

Both Supplys working fine with the boostable Xenon Set at 35 W and 50 W.


23.07.2006, 22:57
It sais this psu can deliver 4A? But my xenon set needs 10-12A to start?

23.07.2006, 23:07
Dont be worry,see this Picture.
12 A are needed only for a very short Time.
The Switching Power Supply deliver this current,internal Capacitors are big enough.


23.07.2006, 23:08
Will this be enough for a 35 or 50watt 5200xenon, a 3,5" tft and one 80mm fan? Maybe they have the same model but a little more power?

23.07.2006, 23:30
Its enough for 35 W and 50 W boosted normal Xenon Lamp and two fans,one with 80 mm and the other with 120 mm.This works in my Setup.

With a 5200 Xenon i am not shure,havent testet this Configuration.

Next bigger Model is the SNT MW100-12 with 8,5 Amp.Costs are the same.


23.07.2006, 23:32
so only lamp and fans, different psu for the tft?

I would take these then, 8A instead of 4A and lower price? Whats the catch? :)
http://www.reichelt.de/index.html?SID=17HwVyEKwQARIAAGjEaQg44669e862065f8 93ca12a8dcb74659d4;LASTACTION=3;SORT=artikel.artnr ;WG=0;SUCHE=SNT MW100-12;ARTIKEL=SNT MW100-12;START=0;END=16;FAQSEARCH=Schaltnetzteil, geschlossen, 12V / 8,5A / 100W;FAQTHEME=-1;FAQSEARCHTYPE=0;STATIC=0;FC=668;PROVID=0;TITEL=0 ;ARTIKELID=57487;FAQAUTO=1;ACTION=3;GRUPPE=D483

23.07.2006, 23:47
Yes,maybe not needed,but i would be shure getting no Flicker on Display if the Arc starts and recoupling some Voltage Peaks back to the PSU.

On the other Hand the Display needed exact 12 V.But Xenon works best at 13,5 Volt.Some Xenons whistle with a Voltage slightly under 12 V.
So i use two PSU,maybe not needed,one PSU for all save a Lot of Space.